Empire Master Sound
For over ten years, Empire Master Sound S.A. ("EMS"), based in Brussels, has been involved in recordings made by artists including Yehudi Menuhin, Aldo Ciccolini, Dalton Baldwin, Adam Harasiewicz, Lazar and Pavel Berman, Joaquin Achucarro, the RTBF Symphonic Orchestra, the Amati Ensemble, the Radio Orchestra of Berlin, the Los Angeles String Quartet and many other artists of international renown.
EMS owns its own concert hall, including an international cultural centre of over 2.000 square metres and units with recording and post-production possibilities in Italy (Chiari) and Switzerland (Pollegio), with sound engineers Luca Porro and Michel Surget.
Having at their disposal their own recording studios, EMS and especially Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri, founder and Artistic Director, follow the creation of each production from the first stage of the recording until release. EMS' state of the art equipment ensure top quality productions.
EMS is an associated company of the Kuys Leisure Group whilst, in addition, Nelson Delle-Vigne Fabbri is also the Kuys Leisure Group's Classical Director. Together they offer the classical labels Arcobaleno, Masters of Art, Pentagram and more, with exciting programming, top artists and technically outstanding quality.
All at Once Music
All at Once Music is the joint-venture company on the classical labels with EMS and also works on special, full-price projects. The All at Once label name is associated with leading artists such as Jim Capaldi, Rita Coolidge, Sam Brown, Geoffrey Downes and Orkestra (former members of ELO).


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